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At Preferred Coffee Service, we’re driven by our dedication to offering superior and personalized service. We smile with pride every time we can help keep your business moving forward. It means we’ve done our job right.

Ever since we’ve founded our coffee service in 1992, we had one goal in mind: ensuring a permanent variety of fantastic items along with unique limited edition and seasonal merchandise that fit any budget.
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My grandfather, LeRoy Hill started the legacy with our family’s coffee company in 1959 when Hill & Brooks Coffee Company was founded. From that point on, our story was born. Inspired by my grandfather's hard work and passion for the coffee business, my father, Roy Hill founded Preferred Coffee Service in 1992. We proudly distribute my family’s special roasted coffee from the highest quality of arabica beans there is to ensure a great cup of coffee for our customers. I’m proud to have taken ownership of my father's business and be able to say that I am a third-generation coffee person. Exceptional products and service is what we strive to deliver our customers 365 days a year. 

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